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Laceration Treatment Services

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Although minor cuts can be cleaned and bandaged at home, some lacerations are deep enough to the point where medical assistance is necessary. Whether your laceration is caused by a sharp object, broken glass during car accidents, workplace injuries, or other reasons, our experts at Excel ER are proficient in laceration repair and preventing infections. Our emergency care personnel will thoroughly examine your wound and verify if any damage has breached to the blood vessels, nerves, or any other surrounding soft tissues.

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Why Treating Lacerations Is Crucial

Lacerations are cuts that tear through the skin can be minor or severe depending on the depth and manner of how the laceration occurred. When cuts are deep enough it can damage certain blood vessels, excessive bleeding can occur and you may risk critical blood loss.

Additionally, the deeper the laceration is, the greater chance of obtaining a bacterial infection. If the infection enters your bloodstream and spreads to other parts of your body, you may risk developing even more debilitating medical complications and potential hospitalizations. If the laceration happens to damage any surrounding nerves, ligaments, muscles, or other soft tissues, then these injuries will have to be addressed as well.

When a Laceration Needs Immediate Emergency Care

Dire causes for seeking emergency medical care immediately in regards to lacerations include:

  • Persistent bleeding that will not stop
  • Lacerations that are deep enough to expose underlying layers of skin and tissue
  • Cuts that are gaping open and hard to gently press the edges together
  • Lacerations across or directly on a joint, on the face, or around the genitals
  • Impalement of foreign objects, especially those that are dirty or rusty
  • Cuts/wounds from an animal or human bite

Precautionary Measures Before Your Visit

Even with plans to visit an emergency room, some precautionary steps should be considered and taken seriously to ensure you are limiting your exposure to contamination or infection. Right as soon as the accident occurs, there are a few things to do at home before visiting a medical professional that is essential to your health and safety.

These include:

  • Leave any impaled objects alone for skilled medical providers to take care of extraction. Self-removal can potentially exacerbate the damage or lead to fatal consequences.
  • Attempt to cease the bleeding by applying firm pressure with a clean cloth or gauze.
  • Once bleeding is decreasing or controlled, clean the lacerated area with caution, using antibacterial soap (or regular soap works as well) and tap water to get rid of any debris and dirt from the wound.
  • If the cut isn’t profoundly deep and the bleeding is controlled, apply some antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin and use a bandage, clean cloth, or gauze to cover the laceration.
  • Otherwise for uncontrollable bleeding and deeper cuts, apply pressure and if possible, elevate the wound site to help mitigate the bleeding.

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When your laceration requires immediate emergency care, our proficient trauma specialists at Excel ER possess the knowledge and equipment to help repair and restore your affected area. Our objective in treating your laceration includes preventing further blood loss, preventing infections and their possible consequences, and preserving/restoring the functionality and appearance of your affected wound site.

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